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Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! 2019

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Game Designed by:
Barb Kronau-Sorensen

Produced by:
Emerald City Music Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 126
Palatine, IL 60078

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Player's Information Page

We use digital and traditional technology in this game. The game was written to re-connect with other humans outside of the digital realm by including the digital realm in a traditional way. We use digital as a tool rather than as an entire medium we cannot escape and live in. Therefore we have combined the two. This is not Pokemon with imaginary points and prizes. This is a real life game which requires the use of your brain to think about the clues, your body to go out and find the clues and locations, and also your digital skills to use a GPS finder on your smartphone and interpret various digital clues. Some of these clues might be in the form of videos, code, text messages, emails, chats, photographs, apps, etc...They are always connected in some way to the real world with real live humans - be they in disguise as local business owners, nonprofit organization managers, zombies, santa claus, etc... It is Halloween after all mwahahahaha (evil laugh)

Hi Players and Welcome! to the annual Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt!

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we had fun to create it for you!

This is an all ages family friendly scavenger hunt. Bring your brain, smartphone and car or bicycle. Also remember to bring your cellphone's charger and car charger plug.

A few things to keep in mind before we start:

1) Please be aware that this is an all ages family friendly game. It is also Halloween weekend and there will be a lot of people outside all around town bustling around in costumes which might make it difficult for them to see you in a car or on a bicycle. Please be very careful!

2) While we encourage you to have fun, please remember to be safe on the roads and paths while driving or bicycling, and to remember to pull into a parking space or off to the side of the road on the shoulder before you grab for your phone to read a text or GPS coordinate. It is still illegal in Illinois to have a cellphone in your hand in a car. We are not responsibile for your driving and we won't bail you out or pay your tickets.

3) This game will send you around Palatine to various participating businesses, community service organizations and miscellaneous outdoor locations for fun activities. The location clues will be mostly in GPS coordinates. There are hints and clues in the form of texts, song samples, video snippets, and images, and paper snippets.

4) While it may be tempting to text your friends and family as to the location of each point on the course, please don't. It takes all the fun out of the other person's game.

5)Free lessons on how to use your smart phone's GPS locator, are not available this year yet.

6. Because you will be going into local businesses and stores, we ask that you please respect the business owner and let customers go through the check out line first. Patience may also bring you extra points in the game. For more information about this see "The Game" below.


The Hunt begins at 9:00 a.m. (Location will be announced here on this website on October 20th, 2019)
* Players may start lining up to pickup their goody bags at 8:30 a.m.
** We stop accepting new competing players at 5:00 pm. If you come after that time, you will be allowed to play, but you most likely will not be able to compete given that there is too little time. You will also most likely not be able to fins=ish the entire route. Still, it's fun just to try.

The Hunt ends at 7:00 pm.
**You must come back to the starting location to return your passport booklets when you are finished, even if you end the game early. The booklets will be tallied up and the winners announced at the Awards Celebration.

The Post Event Awards Celebration begins at 7:30 and runs until 10pm. The location will also be anounced on this website on October 20th. Please join us for a great evening! Here you will find refreshments, entertainment, prizes, a free raffle drawing, and a chance to socialize and meet other techno zombies!

Game Day Checkin/Registration

1. Bring your ticket and photo ID to check in.

2. You will be asked to give your email and mobile phone number for sending clues during the game, and for communications in case you get seriously stuck somewhere.

3. You will receive a goody bag with extra items that will help you on the hunt, and with your first clue.

** One of the items in the goody bag is a passport booklet. Hang onto this and bring it with you into every activity/business/location you go to. For every activity you finish, be sure to ask the clerk on duty to stamp the back of it. The goal is to get as many stamps, as fast as possible, and to have fun doing it.

4. Some activities will be messy, some will be scary, some will ask you to do funny things, and all of them are fun!

The Game:

You will receive your first clue in the goody bag at checkin/registration table. Each clue is a paper tag that has a GPS coordinate on it and a verbal hint. The hint is given either to make it easier or to make it harder for you to find the location. Each clue has attached to it a small item needed for the next location or activity. Don't lose these items as there are no extras!

Find as many locations as you can within the shortest amount of time, safely and uneventfully. Safety above all else. The top 3 players/groups with the most locations in the shortest amount of time and safely, win prizes.

Along the route you may run into zombies! yikes! OMG! What to do!?!?! - Have no fear... you are pre-equipped with a small bag of gold chocolate coins in your goody bag (this is after all a Geo-"Cache" Hunt! lol!)

DON'T EAT THE COINS! They are to ward off the zombies!. When a zombie approaches you to slow you down or to keep you from getting your next clue, try to outwit them and go around them. If you can't do that, hand them a coin and they will turn around and let you pass.

You only get one bag of coins... one coin per zombie should be plenty. Don't let the Zombies get greedy.... they will try to get as many coins as possible. If you run out of coins... use your wits to get rid of them, trick them or distract them, and then run like hell to get away!

The zombies will be seeking coins because the ones with the most coins wins a prize

We have found this method to be easier and less messy than having them scoop your brain out of your skull and suck it down for nourishment. Chocolate also tastes better!

Yes, there is a refill location en route. Points are dedcuted from your game if you refill with more gold coins. So ration them carefully and use your wits to outsmart or outmaneuver the zombies first.

Santa Claus! - It is Halloween after all, and there are many characters running around in various costumes. We have received word that Santa Claus may be making an appearance this year. There is only 1 Official Santa Claus, though others may disguise themselves as such. Be Careful. Our Santa will be going around to every location and keeping an eye out for good and bad girls and boys.(Adults included) Where he sees misbehavior, impatience, or cruelty towards a business owner or customer, he will make a note of it and you lose points from your game. Where he sees you doing extra nice things...you receive a few extra nice points in your game. (Mwaha ha ha ha - There is nothing so nerve wracking as having super transparency in this game and feeling watched at all times, eh?! LOL! It is Halloween of course!)

Questions & Answers:

Does it run all day? - Yes. You can start and stop and re-start as many times as you like. You can finish early as well. It's up to you. The idea is to have as much fun as possible.

What about the prizes? - There are prizes for the following:
* Players - Top 3 players/groups who finished the most activities in the shortest amount of time safely and uneventfully, and have the most points
* Non-Profit Organizations - Players vote on which organization had the best task
* Slow-Downs - Players vote on which slow-down was their favorite
* Advertising Sponsors - Players vote on which advertising sponsor had the best Halloween themed ad
* Zombies - The zombie with the most uneaten gold chocolate coins wins

Can we play in a group of friends or as a family? - Yes. We have group discounts available. You can purchase group tickets online or at one of the ticket seller locations in the northwest suburbs. Here is the link to the online ticket page, and here is the list of ticket sellers. Alternatively, you can email us for more information or call Zombie HQ

College Student Discounts! 50% off Ticket price

For ticket purchases enter code "Hawk10".
Must bring student ID with you to the game.
Please purchase tickets in advance (before October 25)

New Routes in 2019! More Fun!

Challenging Routes, Easy Routes, and Bicycle Routes!

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