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Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! 2019

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Game Designed by:
Barb Kronau-Sorensen

Produced by:
Emerald City Music Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 126
Palatine, IL 60078

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The Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! is an all ages family friendly community encouraging scavenger hunt using digital and traditional technology to send players (fresh humans) into local businesses for an interactive fun activity, and to do light community service work en route.

The event is followed by an awards celebration in the evening with prizes, refreshments and entertainment.

Prizes are awarded to players, best business activity, best advertising sponsor ad, zombie with the most uneaten chocolate coins, best slowdown activity, best nonprofit organization's activity.


To have fun! The businesses are not allowed to sell you anything, nor entice you to sign up and register to get you to come back, and we won't give you a brochure or coupon to get you to come back when you walk in. We just wanna play!


Humans with smart-phones, brains and automobiles. Shoppers, tourists, and any other unsuspecting humans we can catch!


The hunt takes place in businesses across the Village of Palatine. The starting location is: (will be announced on October 20th, 2019


Saturday, October 26th, 2019

Hunt begins at 9:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m.

Players may arrive at 8:30 to pick up their goodybags and first clue.

Awards Celebration begins at 7:30 p.m. until 9:00 p.m.


Tickets are required to play the game and to attend the evening awards celebration. The awards celebration is included in the game ticket. Awards celebration tickets are also available separately for purchase.

*** Tickets may be purchased at these local Palatine small businesses or online by clicking here:

Tickets may be purchased individually, or you can also sign up as a group and work as a team on the course.

Players receive a goody bag with their first clue at the game entrance and registration table.

All players will be asked to vote for their favorite business activity, organization activity, sponsor ad, and slow down activity.

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New Routes in 2019! More Fun!

Challenging Routes, Easy Routes, and Bicycle Routes!

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