Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt 2016 in Palatine

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  • Emerald City Music Productions, Inc. P.O. Box 126 Palatine, IL 60078 224-409-6221

    Hi Players! and Welcome!

    We hope you enjoy the game as much as we had fun to create it for you!
    This is an all ages scavenger hunt so bring your brain, smartphone and car. Also remember to bring your cellphone's charger and car charger plug.

    A few things to keep in mind before we start:

    1) Please be aware that this is an all ages game. It is also Halloween weekend and there will be a lot of people all around town outside bustling aroun in costumes which might make it difficult for them to see you in a car. Be careful!

    2) While we encourage you to have fun, please remember to be safe on the road while driving and to remember to pull into a parking space or off to the side of the road on the shoulder before you grab for your phone to read a text or GPS coordinates on. It is still illegal in Illinois to text and drive and we are not responsibile for your driving. We won't bail you out.

    3) This game will send you around Palatine to various participating businesses, a few community service projects and a miscellaneous handful of other locations for fun activities. The location clues will be mostly in GPS coordinates. There are extra hunts and clues in the form of texts, song samples, video snippets, and images.

    4) While it may be tempting to text your friends in other vehicles as to the location of each point on the course, please don't. It takes all the fun out of the other person's game.

    5)Free lessons on how to use your smart phone's GPS locator, are available from our

    Official Training Sponsor - Smart Gadget Fix - at 52 W. Palatine Rd.

    They are happy to guide you through this. You must show your ticket to the gentleman behind the counter to receive the training.
    If you prefer to set up an appointment ahead of time, you can call to schedule one.


    The Game!

    The hunt begins at 8:30 a.m. in the east end parking lot of the Palatine library.
    (700 N. North Court)

    Bring your ticket to check in.
    You will receive a goody bag with extra items that will help you on the hunt, and your first clue.

    In the goody bag is also a passport booklet.
    Hang onto this and bring it with you into every activity/business/location you go to.

    For every activity you finish, be sure to ask the business to stamp the back of it. The goal is to get as many stamps, as fast as possible, and to have fun doing it.

    Some activities will be messy, some will be scary, some will ask you to do funny things, and all of them are fun!

    The hunt ends at 7:00 pm.
    Please come back to the library to return your passport booklets. They will be tallied up and the winners announced at the Awards Celebration.

    The Awards Celebration begins at 7:30. The location is listed in your passport booklet.
    Here you will find refreshments, live music, prizes, a raffle drawing and a chance to socialize and meet other techno zombies!

    Thank you to this year's most wonderful Sponsors!

    1 / 14
    Master Hitch
    2 / 14
    Palatine Lawnmower Repair
    3 / 14
    Palatine Hand Detail
    4 / 14
    Bill's Grove Florist
    5 / 14
    Smart Gadget Repair
    6 / 14
    APS Advanced Pre-School Palatine
    7 / 14
    Palatine Library
    8 / 14
    Palatine Chiropractor Dr. Pyzik
    9 / 14
    Christ In The Wilderness Retreat, Stockton, IL
    10 / 14
    Dog In Suds
    11 / 14
    Glow Inc.
    12 / 14
    Vinni's Pizza
    13 / 14
    Heil & Kay Insurance
    14 / 14
    The Music Room

    Custom event designed by Barbara Kronau-Sorensen C/P 2014, 2015,2016,
    c/o Emerald City Music Productions, Inc. P.O. Box 126, Palatine, IL 60078
    Website created by Emerald City Music Productions, Inc. c/p 2016