Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt 2016 in Palatine

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  • Emerald City Music Productions, Inc. P.O. Box 126 Palatine, IL 60078 224-409-6221

    The Players (Zombie Humans):

    Purchase tickets either online or from one of the ticket sellers listed at this link. The Game opens at 8:30 a.m on Saturday October 29th, 2016. The game ends at 7:00 pm. The Awards celebration takes place at 7:30 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.. The games begins in the east parking lot of the Palatine Public Library at North Court. Each Player receives a goody bag with items they will need for the hunt. Players need to bring their own smart-phones and have a vehicle to drive around in. Players go to each location and do the activity the businesses have set up for them in their stores. At each location they must get their passport book stamped if they have survived the activity. The players win prizes for amount of activities finished, speed and participation effort. Players may start, stop and re-start the game at any time during the day.

    The Monsters (Businesses):

    Businesses register to participate in the game, and host interactive fun activities that are safe, all ages, non-discriminatory and halloween themed. The idea is to NOT sell the players anything, but to have fun with them. The activities can be anything from scary, to messy, to brainy, to confusing, to kind, etc.... Each business receives a basket of items that contain a hint to the next location the players have to figure out and find. These items are handed to the players after they have finished your activity. After the activiy has been completed by the player, the business also signs off on the player's passport.

    The Demons (Community Service Work):

    Community service work is tied into this hunt by the items and services needed around town. Tasty humans are easy to torture with do-good project lures. The organization providing the need also helps monitor the service work to be sure it is completed accurately and to sign off on the Player's passports once they have finished.

    The Ghosts (Advertising Sponsors):

    Participate by providing funds and materials needed for the hunt.

    Spider Webs (Slow-Downs):

    These are community organizations that provide community outreach messages and training in safety, health and well being. For the game, they also are therefore, a valuable asset in helping slow down the players, so they don't follow each other to each location. (which would make it too easy and no fun).

    Witches & Warlocks (Ticket Sellers):

    These invaluable businesses sell tickets to the players in various places around town or online. Players ought to be very kind to them lest they have a spell cast upon them.

    Wizard (Trainer):

    This year we have an official Wizard of Smart Gadgets. The Smart Gadget Repair Shop located at 52 W. Palatine, Rd will train any Zombie that comes into the store with their ticket, on how to use their GPS locator to prepare for the game. The training is free for ticket holders. You can schedule it ahead of time or come in spur of the moment. Training is one on one. Call 847-496-5935 for more information or to schedule an appointment ahead of time.

    If you would like to participate as a player, business, community service organization, volunteer, intern, concert venue, or be an advertising sponsor please contact us.

    Thank you to this year's most wonderful Sponsors!

    1 / 14
    Master Hitch
    2 / 14
    Palatine Lawnmower Repair
    3 / 14
    Palatine Hand Detail
    4 / 14
    Bill's Grove Florist
    5 / 14
    Smart Gadget Repair
    6 / 14
    APS Advanced Pre-School Palatine
    7 / 14
    Palatine Library
    8 / 14
    Palatine Chiropractor Dr. Pyzik
    9 / 14
    Christ In The Wilderness Retreat, Stockton, IL
    10 / 14
    Dog In Suds
    11 / 14
    Glow Inc.
    12 / 14
    Vinni's Pizza
    13 / 14
    Heil & Kay Insurance
    14 / 14
    The Music Room

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