Welcome to the 3rd Annual


Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt 2017 in Palatine

Thank you to the most Wonderful Sponsors!

Starting location is at 330 W. Colfax Avenue, Palatine, IL 60067 (west end of the building) Lost? Stuck? Email Us Call Zombie HQ Out of supplies or gold chocolate coins?- Send us a Chat message Photo Uploads - Send via Email

Game Designed by:
Barb Kronau-Sorensen

Produced by:
Emerald City Music Productions, Inc.
P.O. Box 126
Palatine, IL 60078

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The Zombie Blog


In the interest of not turning into a Zombie ourselves, we have been maintaining not staying up all night on social media and the internet. However that means, our last blog post was in June! Yikes! Time sure flew by! So... here is what's been going on... Lots of behind the scenes work. We've been signing up more and more businesses and organizations every day to participate in the game. You may have seen the game designer Barb Sorensen on her bike around town in strange and odd locations...She has not been taking time off to just laze in the warm summer sunshine... rather, she was scouting out fun outdoor locations for this year's game. We have also been working on the new scarecrow for this year's scarecrow contest, working on the website, still trying to fighure out why the contact form just doesn't seem to be working, hiring new assistants and interns for the fall semester(if you're interested send us an email, advertising the event online, printing and hanging posters, lining up the ticket sellers, and selling tickets. We've also been working on expanding the office to have more space for everything we need to do behind the scenes, and planning decorations, designing the banners and other print materials, and planning the barn dance and refreshments for the awards celebration. Phew! Is that enough?! I'm sure we've been doing tons more but for now... that's just a brief update. Will write some more soon. Peace, Zombie Hunter #1


Why is this blog called the Zombie Blog?... Because when we are up till 3 am working on the behind the scenes route tests and printing and computer work.... we being to feel like zombies!. It is also the best place to post updates about the Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt!. Mark your calendars for This SATURDAY JULY 1, 2017! At 11 AM the Palatine parade for the 4th of July kicks off. There will be zombies hovering around the Chamber of Commerce vehicle helping to hand out goodybags......wanna join us?....click here to send us a note. I hope you all have a funderful day! Peace, Barb

New Routes in 2017! More Fun!

Challenging Routes, Easy Routes, and Bicycle Routes!